Whether you are a manufacturer, integrator or end-user, cybersecurity has an impact on your business and network technology. The responsibility of maintaining a cyber-secured network requires all parties involved to each play a critical role in establishing a secure system. This starts with the products coming off the manufacturing line and goes all the way through to the day-to-day users of an installed system.

At Dahua Technology we understand the importance of network security, along with the confusion and concern it can often bring. We strive to keep our manufactured products as secure as possible, and to educate our customers and end-users so that they have the information they need to establish cybersecurity in the finished installation and end-user network.

The Path to Cybersecurity
The cybersecurity of our products is a top priority for Dahua, and we strive to input network security into the product life cycle of all our new products. Each year Dahua dedicates a portion of our R&D budget exclusively to cybersecurity utilizing our independent security research center, partnerships with industry-leading third-party testing agencies, and precautionary steps following Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) guidelines. Through these efforts we strive to continually evolve our cybersecurity features. Check out the rest of our page to access additional resources and information on Dahua’s cybersecurity processes as well as information to help dealers, integrators, and end-users understand their role in cybersecurity practices.

Product Security Center
In order to help users clearly understand the security status and capabilities of the device, the product security center will assist users to conveniently and quickly set up the right security configuration to suit the scenarios. General security capabilities include privacy protection, video encryption, security alarm, trusted protection, CA certification management, key management service, attack defense

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