Guarantee policies


1. The guarantee of the products sold by KODICAM, CORP, is based on the serial numbers specified in the delivery order corresponding to each invoice. To make this process effective, the presentation of the original invoice is indispensable.

2. The guarantee is unique and exclusively against manufacturing damage, during the period indicated, as long as they are under conditions of normal use and as specified by the manufacturer through attached documentation or website.

3. All products must be accompanied by their original packaging, manuals, discs, cables and other accessories, in perfect condition, clean, without scratches, without paint otherwise they will not be accepted by guarantee.

4. No equipment returns are accepted, neither money returns, the client should review the purchased merchandise at the time of delivery and be in accordance with 100% in terms of the quality, functioning and quantity thereof, since any physical damage, Blows, dents, short circuits, card burns and chips, scratches etc., as well as the violation of stamps and labels, will stop the product warranty without effects and will not be received later by Kodicam, Corp.; This also includes those damages caused by technical ignorance at the time of installation of the product.

5. The guarantee time is established below this document and is counted on calendar days, valid from the moment of the invoice issuance, without extensions, including for those products that were subsequently changed. The guarantee process is based on repair, change by a new product, change by a similar product, according to the recommendation of the Kodicam technical staff, Corp.

6. The reception and delivery of our products will be done at the offices of Kodicam, Corp, this process is first consisting of a simple physical review, delivery of vouchers and a data collection to describe the failure. Then it will go to a detailed review process by a period of 48 hours and once the failure is determined, it will go to an operating process of repair, change by a new product, change by a similar product, according to the recommendation of technical personnel and according to existence .

7. The assembly, installation, review or technical support of teams by third parties, exempts Kodicam, Corp of responsibilities for the malfunction of these teams and its respective guarantee and / or its consequences.

8. Kodicam, Corp, is not responsible for damage, physical abuse, misuse, malicious or poorly intentional damage, damage caused by water, rain, humidity, corrosion by gases, acid action of some chemical elements, impact of rays, short Circuit caused directly or indirectly by artifacts or equipment in its facilities.

9. The guarantee does not cover transport costs from and to our offices, nor damage or losses that may occur for this reason, in transport companies.

10. Kodicam, Corp, is not responsible for merchandise left by the client, after having passed thirty (30) continuous days of having been notified by mail, telephone and / or written, repair or change of their equipment.

11. Every team that is out of warranty and needs revision for a diagnosis will have a cost. A service cost will also be charged for repair and spare parts.

12. The purchase of merchandise and acceptance of the original invoice by the client, gives as a settlement accepts the guarantee policies described herein, which is understood that they have been read to fullness and signing according to them and the acceptance of the Products, goods and services by Kodicam, Corp given to your entire satisfaction in terms of quality, operation and quantity.

Duration of the guarantee

1. Products without serial numbers: example, harsh, power sources, transformers, accessories, etc. 30d, for which client should review them and do the respective tests since once passed we do not accept claims.

2. Electromagnetic and electric locks with serial have warranties of 180 days.

3. Hard disks, have 30 days warranties.

4. Ubiquiti products have 30 days warranties.

5. It is assumed that Bullet type cameras have IP66 protection (it supports being abroad), IP65 metal dome type (supports being in semi-outdoor) and IP00 plastic dome type (use only in indoor), unless the invoice say something else and based on that the guarantees will be attended.

6. The rest of the equipment with serial are guaranteed 365 days.

7. Liquidation products are out of warranty.

(Every customer with vanzen credit accounts will not be honored the guarantee until the account is up to date.)

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